How Black & White wants to simplify starting the specialty coffee journey.


We are no strangers to caramel macchiatos, turtle track lattes, and campfire mochas. These drinks started the coffee journey for many of us. And maybe we still order them at out-of-town cafes where no one knows us.

Regardless, we realize getting into specialty coffee is an acquired taste and sometimes cream and sugar is the necessary first step in your journey to ordering geishas and preferring ceramics. 

Wherever you are in your coffee relationship, our year-round offerings are an excellent introduction to Black & White.

The Classic - a washed coffee from Central and South America. You will notice an overall clean, fruity sweetness with chocolate undertones and a round, medium to heavy body. This is our representation of simple and familiar excellent coffee. It will hold up to cream and sugar and also shine as a 12oz latte. Currently we are working with farms in Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala.

The Natural - always a naturally processed coffee (dried in the fruit). While not crazy acidic, this cup will offer a super fruity and sweet, chocolaty body. As espresso it pairs excellently with smaller quantities of milk and also serves well as black coffee. Right now we are in Ethiopia for this coffee, with selections from Myanmar, Costa Rica, Honduras in the works. 

The Original - always washed from Ethiopia; where coffee began. The slightly lighter roast will bring more acidity into the picture. Citrus and fruity, this one is stellar by itself on espresso. We are working closely in Western Ethiopia at the moment.

However you are currently drinking coffee, we invite you to try all three and to challenge yourself by exploring different methods of drinking them.


In other news: 

Akusi AB is our subscription coffee of the month. This Kenyan is from Nakuru County, known for its diverse landscapes of lakes and mountains. The elevation (1,800 masl) coupled with the remoteness of this region can make growing conditions challenging for coffee. Growers in this region are mostly small holders with only a few larger estates. The Akusi lot is specifically grown by the Akusi Farmers Co-op Society. The flavor of Akusi is immense and classically Kenyan; loaded with complex berries, bright acidity, and intense sweetness.

Our Panda Enamel Pins are in! The Panda motif represents core aspects of who we are as a company. It’s not only the colors that resonate with us, but the easy going and peaceful nature of the panda. Black & White exemplifies approachability while showcasing some of the rarest coffees on the planet. We feel that our edgy modern representation of this rare and beautiful animal articulates this well. 

*Buy 3 bags of coffee and get the panda pin for FREE (+ FREE SHIPPING)!


Kyle Ramage