Tracy McKenzie

Owner & Lead Roaster

Hometown: Virgil, Kansas
Favorite Back Alley Bean: Ethiopia Konga
Why Back Alley? Back Alley Coffee Roasters aims at the highest quality coffee experience. For me, this means a superior bean, a knowledgeable roaster, a precise brew method, and the absolute freshest coffee! 



OWNEr & Shop Mom

Hometown: Friedens, PA
Favorite Back Alley Bean: Ethiopia Konga
Why Back Alley? Our vision at Back Alley is not only the highest quality coffee experience, but I get excited when I think of the positive impact that we have through our Net50 partners. We want our coffee to be part of something extraordinary!

Bo Sowers

Bo Sowers

Matt Flinn

Director of Cold Brew & Social Media

Hometown: Tupelo, Mississippi
Favorite Back Alley Bean: Hambela
Why Back Alley? I love Back Alley because of the culture of the company. Every person is gifted with unique talents and creativity and Back Alley does an incredible job in discovering those talents and empowering its employees to use them for the good of the world. Although the focus here is on the bean, the goal of the company is greater than a cup of coffee. The goal is to use coffee to impact the world for the greater good, and that is something I am excited to be a part of.