Our Coffee


Coffee beans begin as ruby red cherries, entangled among branches in a faraway land. Some get plump beneath the shade of jungle trees. Others stud a mountain range, peaking through like hidden jewels. Wherever the bean is born, we want to take you there. 

Coffee is rooted in a storied tradition of hard work and sustenance. We select single-origin beans that are nurtured and hand picked by one farmer, in one place. The bean speaks for itself, carrying the story of the farmer who cultivated it right to your cup. 

Roasting is an art that engages every sense, much in the way a good story does. We roast in single batches upon order to ensure the freshest brew. Our single-origin coffees are presented in the Lighter side to allow the bean to clearly speak its flavor. But we can customize your order, tailored to your taste preferences.

Besides the taste of fresh, crisp coffee, the first sip awakens the origin story of each bean through hints of juicy berry, vibrant citrus, earth peanut or warm chocolate. All these flavors are rooted in a farmer's loyalty to the bean and our dedication to bringing that story to you.


Our People

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