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The taste of a great bean starts in the hands of the farmers who grow them. Hands that plant, cultivate, and harvest with particular attention to the presentation of the crop. These are the hands that give great coffee a strong start.  



We believe each bean has something to say. So we roast with a particular attention to the final product, allowing each bean to reveal its true flavor and unique qualities. It's time we listen more so we can enjoy better!



Roasting is an art that engages every sense. From listening to the beans move their way through the drum, to observing key visual cues during the roast; the process always puts our olfactory system to work and we love it.  

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The greatest joy of making something is seeing others enjoy it. We roast because we love it, but even more we roast because we know that whether convening with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone, a fresh cup of coffee is perfect.